Gradient Ocean

Episode 85:

Ecco The Dolphin

#85 - Ecco The Dolphin
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Fuck. This. Game. This episode contains a little more profanity than your standard episode of the show, so be warned. We also only cover the first world of the game, but chances are that's as far as you've ever gotten, too. If all you want to hear about is the steaming pile of fish feces that is Ecco The Dolphin, skip to 20:25.

Before I start losing on my mind on Sega's giant tuna, I explain why March's Patreon giveaway prize will be bigger than normal, and I lay out some plans I have for the future. I also just bought a PS4 for the second time, and I'm looking for your game suggestions!

And I explain why console wars made sense for kids in the '90s, but if you're an adult and you think someone is stupid because of the console they play on, you're a fucking idiot.

Once all that is done, my buddy Andre and I talk about the steaming pile of fish feces that is Ecco The Dolphin.

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