Remember The Game?

Remember The Game? is our weekly retro gaming podcast.

Featuring laid back game reviews, gaming opinions, and the odd video game movie review, this show is guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic, and old.

New episodes go live every Wednesday!


RTG: Expansion Pass

RTG: Expansion Pass is our second weekly show, available exclusively to our Patreon supporters.

Modern game reviews, rankings, industry predictions, monthly Q&A's...every episode is different! 

New episodes go live every Sunday!


Game Patch

Game Patch is our weekly gaming news podcast.

The big stories from Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo, but with a splash of that RTG Industries profanity you know and tolerate

New episodes go live every Friday for Patreons and Monday on free feeds!

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Adam Sucks at Video Games

Adam Sucks at Video Games 

is our let's play series. Adam loves old video games, but he's not very good at them.

All the profanity and stupid opinions you've come to expect from the podcasts, but on Youtube!

New episodes go live whenever Adam records them.