Episode #90 - Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Super Mario Bros: The Movie North American Release Date - May 28, 1993

I've wanted to talk about this movie for a 'spin-off' type episode of the show for a long time. But then we did. And I remembered how terrible it really is. I'm not a film buff, I don't pretend to know anything about movies. And if this movie wasn't called Super Mario Bros, it might have been a weird sci-fi flick that people didn't think was that bad. 

But it was called Super Mario Bros. And it was that bad. As a kid, I loved it. I think most of us did. Mario and Luigi were real humans. And so was King Koopa! And...wait, what?

If you like the episodes of the podcast where I get angry and wound up, this one is for you. My pal Tyler is back this week, and we had a good time trying to figure out the plot to this stupid cash grab of a movie. If that's all you care about, skip to 24:08. 

Or listen to the whole thing, because there's lots to talk about! 

We're launching 'Remember The Game: Expansion Pass' this Sunday, and I tell you what the first episode will be about. I also give a quick shout-out to the show Video & Arcade Top 10, that apparently everyone remembers as fondly as I do!

Ubisoft is giving away free games to people that stay inside, which is cool. Nintendo rolled out a Mini-Direct last week, which is really cool. And I spend some time breaking down the rumours that Mario 64, Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy are coming to the Nintendo Switch, which is INSANELY COOL!!!!

This week is a roller coaster of emotions. Curl up on the couch and come for a ride with me. 

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