Remember The Blog #3 - Do you YouTube?

It's May Long Weekend! (Here in Canada, anyway.) Do the rest of you get a long weekend in May? If you don't, call in sick on Monday and take one with us. You earned it.

This is just a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you that have reached out with advice, words of encouragement, or just comments about video games since I started plugging this whole "level up project". I sincerely love talking about video games, and it makes me happy when I open Twitter or Instagram and see comments from people just talking about what they're playing, or sharing their opinions on a game I've posted about or whatever. My end goal with this is really to build a community where we can geek out together, and we're taking steps forward!

Our YouTube channel is coming together. You have to hit 100 subscribers to be able to name your channel, and luckily my old comedy YouTube channel was there. I don't post a lot of my stand-up online (although some of it is available at abcomedy.net!!), so I just converted over to a "Remember The Game?" channel.

All that's there right now is audio only videos of our podcasts (every episode except one, because I ran into a copyright issue). So if you're at work and need some background noise, they're a great option! More is coming though. Like I've mentioned already, I'm attempting to record some Let's Plays, retro game reviews, and some other stuff that'll all show up on there. If you're on YouTube and want to throw us a subscription, well that would be just incredible.

We're at youtube.com/rememberthegame -

Click the picture to go to our YouTube channel! Please????

And if you have a Youtube channel, leave it in the comments! We'll sub back! Let's pick each other up and support each other, dammit! 

Again, thank you all for supporting this stupid thing. Enjoy your long weekend (wink wink), and go play some video games.


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